Her hair was blue.  This color blue.
flowing river of hair
This may be one of my oddest posts…bear with me please.  I hope you get my point.
I was putting leftover pizza on a table in the lobby of my building so that it would be available for people to eat.  It happens all the time where I work…food leftover from meetings, etc. is put out for the students to eat.  And it ALL disappears.
When I got to the lobby she was in a chair and her hair was blue.  
Frosty blue.  
She was texting.  
I smiled at her and told her here was some pizza if she was interested.  She just smiled and said thanks.
As I left my office that afternoon I reflected on the girl with the blue hair.  What makes someone color their hair blue?  Or purple?  Or green?  Or orange?  As someone that never even highlighted her hair until she was almost 40, this seems very odd to me. I am not passing judgement, I am just wondering why someone would choose these colors.
I assume that someone would choose these colors to be different.  
To make a statement.  
Maybe to aggravate their parents.  
I don’t know.  
But I got to thinking of the times in my life when things happen and I feel I need to make a statement.  I need to let someone know that I am IN. CHARGE.  By golly, I’ve got this under control and you need to get out of my way.
Sounds real Christian-like, doesn’t it!?!?  But it’s true.  I act like this.
I am not proud of it, I’m just being honest.
While I’m being honest, I’ll tell you something else…I thought the blue hair looked absurd.  And I think purple, orange and green hair looks absurd too.  
Oh, and by the way, I probably look absurd when I am trying to make a statement.  To let people know that I am IN. CHARGE.  Because I am really NOT in charge and most of the time I DON’T have things under control.  
I think the Lord probably thinks it is absurd too.  And he is right.
In my heart of hearts…I KNOW it is absurd for me to act like this.
Do you ever act absurd?  Knowing FULL WELL that HE is in control…but, like me, you just gotta make a statement.
Lord, please help me to learn how NOT to act like this!

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