Change. It happens everyday. Sometimes big changes. Sometimes little changes.

But changes happens.  Kristen Strong was quoted on the in(Courage) perpetual calendar on August 17th.

“The old thing may be familiar, 
but the new thing may be fantastic.”

The new thing may be fantastic…hmmm.  Could be.

I hope so.

My new thing is no “regular” job. I was uncertain how I would feel about this and I’m still not sure, but the new thing COULD be fantastic…whatever the “new” thing is.

I’ll continue waiting to see what happens.

Kristen has a new book coming out. It’s called Girl Meets Change and you should seriously check it out! It is full of wisdom on dealing with change. Whatever change you are dealing with…kids back to school, empty nest, kids getting married, job change, moving, whatever…it might seem uncomfortable now, but the new might really be better than the old!

Kristen writes, “I
trust you, God. I will trade my what is
for what will be because you know
what’s best for me.”

What change are you dealing with these days?
Do you trust him to know what is best for you?
You can preorder Kristen’s book here. It releases next week. 

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