It was an ordinary Sunday. I sat in
the pew, a visiting a church in a town we were
passing through. The priest was talking about how we as humans like to
be in control.  And he is/was right. At least for me because I do like to be in control! It really wasn’t something new. It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d heard what he was saying, but it might have been the first time I LISTENED to what I was hearing.

We DO like to be in control. At least I do.

He said that sometimes it is hard for us to listen to and follow through with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Hard to do what the voice of the Lord is telling us to do because to do so seems like we are not in control.  

What it comes down to is this: we aren’t in control. Ever.

Then he said something that hit me…if the Lords tells you to say something and no one is listening, then say it anyway.

Why say something if no one is listening?

For me, this translates to doing…if the Lord tells me to DO something, I should do it even if it appears that it means nothing. Even if it appears that whatever I am being told to do does not make sense.

The fruits of doing or saying what the Lord asks of us will yield results in HIS time.  Not in mine.

The results may not be seen or heard for days, weeks, months or even years.

But if the Lord is telling me to do something, then I should DO it.

It comes back to that simple business of obeying.  A hard concept for some of us…certainly for me.  

This is something I have been wrestling with for months. My story is not unique.  Oh, it is mine and I own it, but many people have similar stories and have dealt with similar issues in life.  While my story may not be unique, the wisdom and lessons I have learned ARE unique to me.

We may travel similar roads in life, but our journey is uniquely our own. The wisdom gained while traveling life’s road is something exclusively mine. 

I am in the midst of trying to determine where I am going with this blogging journey. If I could get a clear sense that it was OK to shut down and not blog, then I would do that.  But that I not what I am hearing…so I will continue on the bumpy, uneven path of trying to see where this goes.

I’ll look only a few steps in front of me and try to share my unique story.

When you feel the urge of the Holy Spirit to do or say something, 
do you find it hard to follow through when it appears no one is listening?


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