We are about 6 weeks into the new year.

Many of us made decisions to change our lifestyle this year.  We want to lose some weight, we want to lower our blood pressure, get more sleep, have less stress, get more exercise, etc.

Around these parts we’ve been focusing on We Can Win! on Wednesdays.  Because we CAN take back our life.  No matter what our healthy living goal may be, it begins with the first step…recognizing that we WANT to do something to make a difference in our life.

I talked about an article that made a HUGH difference in my life.  
You can read about it in these posts:

I am also co-leading an (in)courager Facebook group for fitness/healthy living.  Everything about that is explained here.

You know, we don’t have to do this alone.  We can encourage each other on our healthy lifestyle journey.  And that was really my goal for this Wednesday series.

In my effort to encourage you, I made a printable of the 9 steps.  You can get it here. This is the first printable I have ever made and I am SO hoping that this works!  It is really basic…just the 9 steps in black and white.  But I thought you might want to print it and hang it on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror…someplace to help you remember them.

I would like to know how it is going.  What are you doing to make a healthy difference in your life this year?  I can tell you that this series has motivated me.  This series has forced me to exercise when I really didn’t want to, to make a healthier food choice when I didn’t want to…all because I feel that I must practice what is being talked about in this series.  I am by no means perfect, FAR…FAR…FAR from it!  But I am truly making an effort.

Our bodies are the temple of God…let’s respect them and try to make the healthier choice whether it be exercise, food, sleep, vitamins, water…whatever.  

As the Lenten season starts, it is a good time to make a change.  

So…what will it be?  What change are you making?


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