Some thoughts on how we spend our time. No matter how busy we are, time spent with Jesus is never wasted.
For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it,
everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying,
‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’
Luke 14:29-30
In a world of overscheduled, super busy households it is easy to have things fall off the grid.
Easy to miss something that should have been done.

The world is full of unfinished projects.  I have several of my own…like an unfinished college degree, that blog post that is rolling around in my head – the one that I don’t have the courage to write.  And there is that unfinished sewing project from a long time ago.  Oh, and the hundreds of recipes that I have started to organize but just never get finished. I imagine that I am not the only one with an unfinished project or two or three.

As I thought about this verse yesterday, I thought about the projects in my life that I have left undone.

Projects that sit partially complete.

Some time back I heard our pastor talk about all the unfinished projects that we have in our lives and pointed out that our commitment to Jesus must be a complete and total commitment.  Our commitment to Him must be strong.  Stronger than anything else.

Our commitment to Him must be full-time.

We must never be deterred from placing Jesus at the center of our lives.  For me, keeping Jesus at the center of my life is directly related to how my quiet time goes.

If I am faithful and diligent with my quiet time with the Lord, then I am much better equipped to keep Jesus at the center of my life.  We are finally through the holiday season. A time when we seem to be overwhelmed and let things slide. We THINK we are too busy for to have quiet time.

It is easy to let things slide.  To decide that just today it will be OK to let our quiet time wait.

We will get to it later.

But we don’t.  I made more of an effort this holiday season to stay on top of my quiet time.

To not let it slide.  To make sure that it was a priority. My holidays were not perfect. In fact, at times it was downright painful. The first Christmas without both of my parents. It was a sad time. But now I am moving on…

Quiet time and investing some time in myself can only help to make things better in the long run…no matter how much I have to do.  No matter how little time I think I have…time spent with Jesus is never wasted.

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How do you keep your quiet time on track?


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