Having been at a loss for any inspirational posts for couple of weeks, I decided to share 50 random facts about me…if you wish to be truly bored, then keep reading!

  1. I am 52
    years old.
  2. I have
    been married 30 years in May 2013.
  3. I have
    one living child.
  4. I have
    one deceased child.
  5. I have
    3 brothers and 3 sisters.
  6. My
    parents are still living (90 & 91 in Feb. 2013)
  7. I love
    the ocean.
  8. I love
    the mountains of Colorado.
  9. I love
    the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.
  10. I did
    not finish college.
  11. I do
    not think I will ever go back to college.
  12. I
    worked for Weight Watchers for 16 years as a leader.
  13. I lost
    25 pounds more than 25 years ago.
  14. Before
    moving out east, I sold real estate.
  15. I love
    being outdoors.
  16. I love
    camping (as long as I have hot & cold running water, flush toilet and
    a shower – all of which I have in my pop-up camper!)
  17. I have
    lived in 5 states.
  18. I have
    visited all but 6 of the 50 states.
  19. I love
  20. I love
    to entertain.
  21. I am
    told I throw a great party.
  22. I love
    to cook.
  23. I hate
    to clean – but I do it anyway.
  24. I play
    the piano.
  25. I can,
    but don’t like to, play the organ.
  26. I
  27. I
    accepted the Lord as my Savior when I was 18.
  28. My dad
    is a Baptist minister.
  29. My 3
    brothers are Baptist ministers.
  30. I like
    small dogs.
  31. I am a
    good friend.
  32. I love
  33. I love
    pairing wine with food.
  34. I have
    way too much stemware!
  35. I make
    great (from scratch) brownies.
  36. I
    enjoy trying to stay fit and healthy.
  37. I enjoy
    short road races.
  38. I would
    like to go to Alaska.
  39. I love
    to find a bargain.
  40. I have
    too many handbags.
  41. I have
    a lot of shoes, but only wear a few pair.
  42. I
    cannot remember the last time I bought something that was not on sale.
  43. I love
    thrift stores.
  44. I love
    antique stores.
  45. I love
  46. I like
    the summer in eastern Pennsylvania.
    (Much cooler than St. Louis!)
  47. I am
    married to a wonderful husband and father.
  48. I love
    to get dressed up for a party.
  49. One of
    the best investments I ever made was my son’s Jesuit education.
  50. I am
    not a thrill seeker!

That brownie recipe can be found here.  Check it out it is really easy and good.  Clean-up tip: line your pan with foil and spray your foil with cooking spray.  When your brownies are cool, lift the foil out of the pan! 🙂

How about sharing a random fact about yourself in the comments, please DO SHARE!


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