May the God of hope fill you with all joy
and peace as you trust in him,
so that you may overflow with hope
by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13
Thank you for your prayers.  I went to the learning center yesterday afternoon straight from work.  There was someone to help with accounting and….drum roll please….I think a light bulb lit up.  Well, maybe not a light bulb, maybe it was a small birthday candle that got lit, but I got a slightly better understanding of some of the things I didn’t understand.  The lady who helped me had taken this class with the same instructor and had a bit of insight into him as well.  Whatever…I am not under any illusion that this will be easy, but I am not so upset that I think I can’t do it.  It is after all, accounting…not brain surgery!
When I read the above scripture this morning, I realized that is the feeling I have about this class after yesterday.  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  I believe He wants us to trust him in ALL things…I prayed about taking this class, was pretty sure it was what I was supposed to do and now I need to trust that it is still the right thing, hard though it may be.  Settling for less than the best (an “A” in this case) will be a bit of a challenge for me.  I do not mean to say that I need or have the best of “things,” I mean that I try to DO my best in things that I undertake.  I want to do my best and get a good grade…in this case, a good grade may be a “B” or…gulp…a “C”…ouch!  Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here…let me get thorough the third week of class and see what happens.
Last weekend we went to Atlanta to visit John’s sister and her family.  Her two oldest girls run cross country and we went to the meet.  Cross Country (XC) may be my favorite fall sport.  If you don’t know much about the sport it is a team sport, but an individual one as well.  There are usually 7 runners in the varsity race of a meet and the top five runners for the team score the points.  The first runner across the finish line scores 1 point, the second 2, the third 3 and so on.  If the winning team has runners 1-2-3-4-5, the winning score would be 15 points…low score wins.  So while you need 5 runners to score, you need all your runners to do their best.  Many times the runners are running to beat their own best time, known as a PR (personal record).  Anyway, my son ran XC in high school and I love the sport.  Most of the teams have team shirts with a saying on the back…I thought this one was interesting…I know you can’t read it, but it says…”pain is just weakness leaving the body.”  For me, that translates to it’s an “attitude” thing, much like the accounting.  Change the attitude, change the perception…
I am going out of town this weekend (again) to see my parents, don’t know that I will have a chance to post again before Monday.  So my friends, I leave you with these thoughts that I find worthwhile…
We cannot direct the wind but
we can adjust the sails.
~Author Unknown
Too many people miss the silver lining
because they’re expecting gold.
~Maurice Setter

I hope you have a great attitude today!


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