Monterey, California, March 2013
I am writing a rare weekend post.  I’m joining Emily for a link-up about what I learned in June.
June is always hard for me.  Amy died 21 years ago this June. 
1. I learned (again) that I will survive.
2. I was reminded (again) that Lord cares about the little things.  Like a dress for the wedding.
3. I love books on tape when making a road trip with Andy.
4. My favorite Italian restaurant is still in St. Louis.
5. I learned the Lord will meet me…right where I am and carry me, when I can’t walk any further.
6. I learned that the interior of Maine is beautiful.
7. And that moose stand in the middle of the road.
8. That after 30 years and 2 months, I am still in love with my best friend.
9. It is cold in Maine the first week of June!  Glad I was prepared.
10. That being honest on this blog can sometimes be really hard.  But the Lord blessed my honesty and transparency.
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