When my house gets really out of order, I have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed.  That is what has happened the last three months since I started working 5 days a week.  I have struggled with staying on top of regular, daily cleaning chores.  Yesterday was my last day at my current job (although they did ask me to fill in at another location for three days next week & I agreed.)  I do not start my new job until mid-August.   So…I have a LOT to do in the next few weeks AND I will be going to California for a week to visit my son and my sister and her husband.  So, I am thinking back to Sunday’s gospel…Do you remember Sunday’s gospel reading?  It was from Luke 10:38-42…the story of Mary and Martha.  You know, Martha is busy, busy and Mary, well…she was doing NOTHING!  Can you imagine?  All this work to get ready for Jesus and Mary is doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!  REALLY?!?  Let’s see…there was dinner to prepare for a friend (Jesus) and it might have been like getting ready for a dinner party.  Clean the glassware, dust the house, clean the floors, prepare the food, etc.  Yet, Mary “…sat at the Lord’s feet listening…” Luke 10:39.  I need to remember that time with Jesus is more important than issues that come up in daily life…more important than earthly things that do not really matter…more important than than anything else!  Sometimes I get so caught up in what is going on around me, with the “busyness” of life that I lose sight of what is really important.  Time spent with Him is more important than anything else I have going on…so, Lord, as I enter a new phase of my life (unemployed for 1 month, then a new job) please help me remember not to lose sight of what is important.  Not to lessen my time spent with you to try and get more “things” done.  I do ask that you help me to get some of the things done around the house that have been neglected the past 3 months and at the same time, help me remember than You are more important than the dishes or cleaning house.  Please bless my family and help those that are ill or have had surgery continue to get better.  Bless my blog friends and especially be with those for whom I have promised to pray, Lord…You and I know who they are and You know their needs.  Thank you for an opportunity to start anew…one more time. 
I hope you have a blest day…are you a Mary or a Martha?  Can you guess which one I usually am???


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