about me BEFORE we share a hotel room.

Last year I went to the Relevant Conference (now Allume) all alone.  I knew NO ONE in real life.  I had made an online connection with Michelle and Stefanie.  Other than that I was A.L.O.N.E.  I roomed alone, although one evening Nancy invited me to share some snacks with her and the aforementioned Michelle.  It WAS great.  And Deidra befriended me too!

This year, my friend Kathleen is going with me and we will be rooming together.  Even though I’ve stayed with Kathleen’s kids, been to her home many times (and she has been to mine) I have never shared a hotel room with her.  You learn all kinds of things about people when you share sleeping space with them!

So…Kathleen, here are 10 things you need to know about me…

  1. by midnight, I am D.O.N.E.  Put a fork in me!!
  2. I WILL be bringing snacks. (think cheese, grapes, wine & chocolate!)
  3. I think I snore – you might want earplugs!
  4. I don’t take a long shower, but I take forever doing my hair now that it is longer!
  5. I need coffee – first thing!
  6. I wear a retainer.
  7. I will need some quiet time in the morning.
  8. I won’t be calling home or talking about my kids.  But I will love to hear about yours!
  9. I think I am married to the world’s best husband. But I will try not to bore you by talking about him.
  10. I feel blessed that you agreed to come to the conference and room with me!!
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