about Allume?  I am not sure I can choose “a best” thing.  

I loved getting to meet people in real life that I have only met online.

Like Jacque

I just LOVE her!!

And I got to catch up with Stefanie.  And you know I talk about Lisa-Jo!!

me, Lisa-Jo, Stefanie

 And I got the opportunity to talk with Kirsten.  She is as warm and welcoming as her smile is big!!

Oh, I got to meet Stacey.  I just love her WIWW posts!

I’ll share more in the next few days about Allume.  It was a great experience.  I have been struggling with exactly what to do with my blog.  

Struggling with where to go.  I have been seeking and praying about a direction.

I think I found it.  I’ll share more in the next few days and weeks, but in a nutshell I am thinking that on Mondays I will follow what I have done most of my blogging life.  I will share a scripture and the way the Lord is using it to teach me a lesson, or some way he is working in my life.

Then, on Wednesdays I think I am going to share about my weight loss journey.  The struggles.  The things that worked.  The things that didn’t.  The things I learned.  

This Monday/Wednesday plan is still taking shape, but I feel a call to do this.  So, I am praying and seeking guidance.  Pray with me?

For now, I am thankful the power is back on and we’ve survived the worst of Hurricane Sandy.  My prayers go out to those still without power and shelter.

Now…if you hope over here, you can enter a giveaway for some Blessings Unlimited coasters.  


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