Disclaimer: the photos in this post are not the best, but I think they tell the story.  And I wasn’t planning on the story when I took the pictures!  Oh, and there are affiliate links in this post.

Things happen for a reason.   I truly believe that.  But sometimes the reason is hidden.  The reason is buried so deep that it takes days, weeks, months or maybe years for the reason to unfold.

Kind of like a flower opening up. 

01/12/2014 7:47 a.m.

Last week, I wrote a post titled a daily epiphany. I reference last week’s post because I experienced an epiphany several times last week.  I have shared before that I have trouble with my tongue.  I get irritated or mad about something and my tongue starts running the show.  Before I know what has happened, I have said something or many somethings that I truly regret. 

I don’t care how many times I say I am sorry, I cannot take back the biting, cutting words that have injured the other person.

Usually, the people I have injured are those closest to me.  Those I love the most.  Those that live in my house.

01/12/2014 10:47 a.m.

Let me explain…I have the YouVersion Bible app on my iPad.  Within the app are different reading plans.  As I was perusing the devotional plans last week I ran across a devotional call Unglued.  Yes, THAT Unglued.  It was based on Lysa TerKeurst’s book Unglued.  She had written a 5 day devotional plan and shared it with this app.  

My tongue was running the show early last week.  And those 5 days of the devotional have changed my life.  Seriously.

I did something I NEVER do…I went straight to Barnes and Noble and bought the book.  I usually buy my books from Amazon because it is less expensive and I don’t have to drive across town.  But this time, well, I couldn’t wait.

This book was written and published in 2012.  Where I have been for the last two years?  

01/12/2014 1:18 p.m.

Slowly, like the petals of a flower, the words began to sink in and change my heart.

Change my reactions.  

Slowly, my heart began to open and I could see the error of my ways.

More than seeing the error…I was hope that I don’t have to live this way.  I can change.

01/13/2014 7:40 a.m.
almost 24 hours later

This Christmas Cactus bloom began opening up yesterday morning.  The more sunlight it received, the more the petals opened up.

The 5 day Unglued devotional was/is life changing for me.  The book is doing the same.  The more I read, the more my heart opens up to receive more-just like the petal of the Christmas Cactus.

If you have not read the book, I recommend it. 

Right now, all I can do is tell you it has made a tremendous difference in the way I reply and react.  The heart work is so intense that I cannot go into detail.  But let me tell you, it is worth the investment of your time and money to check out this book.

We don’t have to live as an unglued,
falling apart person…we can be made whole in Him.
There is beauty in the unglued mess of my life and
there is beauty in the unglued mess of yours.

And Jesus died to redeem all of our unglued messes…

Have you read the book? 
What did you think?
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