It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we were having some friends and their families over for a hamburger and hot dog lunch. 

You know, the lazy summer lunch with dogs, burgers, buns, fixins’, fruit and pasta salads and broccoli cheese casserole.  Yeah, that kind of day.

The husbands are on a triathlon relay team and we were celebrating their most recent event.  AND…that they competed without injuring themselves, having bikes break, etc.

Anyway, I was so incredibly proud of myself because I had just gotten the house “good enough.”  The downstairs was presentable, the upstairs doors were closed and I had vacuumed the stairs half-way up.  Afterall, no one should be going upstairs anyway!

I didn’t stress over the fact that the house wasn’t perfect.

I didn’t stress over the fact that the bathrooms weren’t completely bleached out.

I didn’t stress that the kitchen floor wasn’t mopped or that their was dust all around.

I didn’t stress.  Period.

I just enjoyed my company.

All 14 of us were out on the deck and at some point, the young girls came inside.  I didn’t even realize they were not out with the rest of the group.

Then, when people were getting ready to leave we came in off the deck and here come two girls bounding down the stairs!

OH. MY. STARS.  The doors were open and that meant they saw the mess in the spare rooms…yes, both of them are a mess!  AND the laundry room!

I said, “what were you guys doing up there?” 

Playing hide and seek was the response.

At first I was horrified.  Then I was glad.  They don’t care about my mess.

They don’t care that things aren’t perfect. 

They are comfortable in my home and comfortable enough to play hide and seek knowing that they are safe and I won’t care.

Jesus is like that you know.  He loves me know matter my mess.

He loves me no matter how unbleached the bathroom of my life is, no matter if only half of the staircase is vacuumed, my floors aren’t mopped and I haven’t dusted in who only knows how long.

He loves me.


Just as I am.

He takes my good enough and makes it perfect in his sight.

And that just makes my day!

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