If you read my blog much, then you know that I have been waiting on words and praying about how to use this online space.  Recently, I considered not writing at all until the new year.

Maybe that was what I needed.  But I know myself and if I stop writing until January, then I probably won’t start again until April…if at all.

I have always felt that I was to use this space to encourage other Christians (mostly women, I think).  I like to share about my faith journey and what the Lord is teaching me.  But these posts are slow in coming these days. 

Today, I want to share something totally different.

Last January, I went to Arkansas.  I took Andy and we met my niece, Tarah from California and the three of us spent a few days with my parents.  As usual, my plane was late getting into Little Rock, but I got my first photograph of night lights on an airport runway.


I thought it was kind of cool.

It was good to get to see my parents. And for them to get to see Andy and Tarah.
Many games of dominoes were played in our short visit!

A married cousin came to visit with her family.  Andy got to hold a newborn for the first time.


My parents have 7 kids.  All of us are married with kids, although one of my brothers-in-law died 5 1/2 years ago.  There were 18 grandchildren and of those 15 are living and 10 of the 15 are married.  There are 25 great grandchildren.  I am not including spouses of grandchildren or great-grandchildren!

Stories were told and memories were created. 

My dad spent 30 years in the Army.  My mother has moved something like 30 times!! They are 90 and 91 and both of their birthdays are in February.

I am blessed to still have them living and able to live alone!!  I try to see them a few times a year.  I went back in August and again in October.  And we are planning to go visit between Christmas and New Years.

My dad fell 10 days ago and cracked his pelvis.  He spent a few days in the hospital.  The doctor said this type of break usually heals better with therapy.  So they moved him to a rehab facility.

But my dad is 91…and I think he is tired.  And giving up.

Lord, please be with Daddy.  Please do not let him suffer. 
Comfort him in his pain and comfort Mother as she is with him.

Have you lost a parent?  How do you prepare yourself for this loss?


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