In a few weeks my family will return to St. Louis for the wedding of the son of a dear friend.  This young man has been one of Andy’s best friends since middle school.  They spent countless hours together at each other’s houses. 
Eaten countless meals together.  The young man has been on vacation with us. 

I have know about this wedding for more than a year and I knew it would be a special occasion for our families.  All three of us have a part in the wedding.

A year ago I decided that I was going to get my exercise on track.  I was going to be smaller for my 30th anniversary (celebrated just a few weeks ago.  You can read a little about it here.)  And for this wedding.

I hired a personal trainer. (I live with one, but after talking with Andy and we both decided that wasn’t the best fit. *grin*)

I started working out on a regular basis…which gave me motivation to get my aerobic activity back on track.  This determination and regular exercise has made a tremendous difference in how I look, but more importantly in how I feel.

AND…it meant that I NEED a new dress for this wedding.

I can’t tell you how many dresses I’ve tried on in the last three months.  It has to be almost 100. 

I’ve ordered online…only to return.  (Did you know Nordstrom’s has free shipping both ways?  AND…Nordstrom’s Rack has reasonable prices.)

I’ve gone shopping on several occasions…only to find nothing.

I’ve been irritated.

I’ve been agitated.

I’ve been disappointed.

I’ve heard the evil one whisper in my ear, “you’ll never be small enough good enough or pretty enough. So why bother continuing to try?”

I actually bought a couple of dresses.  But they were not “wedding worthy” dresses.  Just dresses that fit, looked good and were on sale.

I was still searching for THE dress.  And as I got inside the 30 day mark, I began to panic.

Then I began to pray about the situation.  Go ahead laugh…you may think that is silly, but I don’t.  I really had no appropriate dress for this wedding and I needed divine intervention!  And I don’t mean that in a joking manner!!

Last week, after a tough day at work I headed home and instead of turning left to come home I decided to turn right and visit the consignment shop.

There on a 50% off sale rack…with the tags still on it was a designer dress that I had looked at online, but couldn’t afford.  And it was in my size.

And it fit.

And it looks good.

And it was in a color that I liked.

And I got it for less than $25.00! 

And I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving…right there in the dressing room.

You see, I believe he cares about the little things in our lives…not just the big things.

I believe that he wants us to trust him in ALL things.  (Proverbs 3:5)

It is in the trusting that we grow.  It is in the believing that we flourish.

It is for HIS honor and HIS glory….

  • that we take care of bodies. 
  • that we are good stewards with our money, time and talents.
  • that we recognize His hand at work in our lives.

And I believe he honors these things.  For me, this dress was just a small remind of these things.

So, sister…when you are feeling down, when you think he doesn’t care…remember my story about the dress.  In the grand scheme of life, my dress doesn’t matter…but in the next 30 days it matters a lot. 

And I believe that HE cares about that!

Do you have a time in your life when he took
care of a “small” thing that was “big” to you?


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