Recently I had a conversation with some friends.  He’d been involved in an unfortunate incident and had injured himself and required medical attention…and the incident was a bit embarrassing.  As we chatted, I told him “God has a plan that we don’t see.  You could have left on time and been involved in an accident and totaled your car or worse…have been killed.  So, we just have to accept that this is part of the plan we don’t understand.”  I went on to elaborate just a bit on how this has been true in my own life.

Later, I received a text from the man’s wife thanking me for the encouraging words.  She said it was just what her husband needed to hear that day.  I sent her a reply and said “We don’t get to see the plan, but we know who designed it.”

There is a lot of truth in that statement.  And I believe it with all of my being.  I read this recently in a Bible reading plan/study I was doing using the You Version Bible App.  The study is called Pray Continually: Devotions from Time of Grace.  Day 3 had this statement:

“Sometimes we have to wait because God’s answer 
involves a complex set of
occurrences that have to happen first. 
Sometimes we wait because God, 
knowing us better than we know ourselves, sees that we need to wait. 
Sometimes we wait because we are 
too immature for the gift that he will
There have been prayers in my life that I prayed and it seemed that they were not answered.  Or least not answered the way I wanted.  
There have been prayers I prayed that the answer was so long in coming that I thought I would die…literally.  I got so depressed while waiting that I thought the world would be better off with out me.
There have been times that, looking back, I see I was not ready for the answer.  I had some growing to do.
Whatever you are praying for today that seems like is no answer – or at least not the answer you want or think you need – I pray that you find comfort in knowing that He designed the plan, even if it feels like there IS no plan.
Is there a part of “the plan” in your life that you don’t understand?
If you leave your prayer requests in the comments, 
I’ll pray with and for you.
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Here is something really good…you know I did not get to attend the Allume conference that was held this last weekend in Greenville, South Carolina.  BUT…even though I did not get to attend, I got to watch the keynotes.  YOU can watch there too…here. They are all SO good!  Check them out!

Praying you take comfort in knowing that there REALLY IS a plan!



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