It has been just over a week since I wrote in this online space.  In this place where I share my heart and my thoughts.

Where I share what he is teaching me about my journey with him.

I wish I could say that I had all these fabulous and exciting things that were keeping me from writing.  But I can’t say that.
I wish I could say that I was so busy spring cleaning my house that I didn’t get any writing done.  But I can’t say that either.
Nor can I say that I was visiting family, making wonderful dinners, creating works of art…none of that.
No, I am just without words.  I have even missed my first of the month deadline for my Must Love God post.  I did let the manager know that I had no words, no inspiration, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have a commitment and I am not fulfilling it.
So, today friends…I share with you that I am dry.  And without words.
I am trying to be patient and wait.  (Patience isn’t something in which I am highly skilled. *grin*)
Please know that I haven’t forgotten about you…I am just walking a road that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  But it is my road and I will walk it…


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