This hasn’t been my easiest week.  In fact, it has been one of the more difficult and challenging weeks in recent memory.

I am not abandoning my We Can Win! posts, but life has dictated that I take an unexpected break this week.

Just a couple of thoughts…

  • since we started We Can Win! what are you WINNING?  Are you getting control of your eating? 
  • or your exercise?
  • are you getting more rest?
  • or more water?
  • are you being kinder to yourself?
  • are you recognizing that this is a JOURNEY and NOT a destination?  We don’t arrive at a healthy lifestyle, it is something we pursue on a regular (hopefully) basis.
  • have you stopped saying Never or Always? I think those are biggies!

I find myself being more conscious about my eating and exercise since starting this series.  I can’t just talk about living a healthy lifestyle…I am really trying to LIVE a healthy lifestyle.  Some days are better than others, but that is the way it is for most people.

I have a couple of things working in my mind for this series.  On Tuesday of next week, I have an announcement…don’t miss it.

By the way, did you see my book review from Monday? I really enjoyed that book. 


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