John and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary with a trip to the Florida Keys and Sanibel/Captiva Islands.  On our last night in the keys we asked the concierge if he could recommend a place for dinner.  He asked where we had been and then recommended a place called the Hideaway Café.  He told it was located about 5 miles down the road and told us the name of the resort. 

He said, “You will have to drive in and park.  Then walk past the office and up the stairs.  It is kind of hidden and it might not look like what you expect.  But it is a great place to eat.”

We tried to scope it out before committing to dinner so we drove by. 

Once we had driven about 7 miles we knew we missed it.

So we turned around.

I remembered the guy saying something about rainbow and as we approached a place that said Rainbow Bend Resort I pointed it out.

Sure enough the restaurant was located in this “resort.”


YES!  Seriously!

Long story short, we had dinner there. 

Dinner was phenomenal.

The view spectacular.

And I was, once again, reminded that the way things look doesn’t always indicate the true character, quality or truth of a situation.

The resort was old.  The building were pink.  The parking lot was dusty. 

But these PHYSICAL appearances did not truly reflect the quality of the food or the restaurant. 

It had white table cloths and the service and food was excellent.

It was truly a hidden nugget.  A “gold” restaurant hidden in the confines of an old, rundown looking resort.

Sometimes, life is like that.

Things are not what they seem and if I make a quick judgment, then I might miss out.

If I choose to take the safe route, I might miss the view.

If I choose to travel a familiar path, I might miss the blessing.

Miss out on something really big.

The Lord is asking me to step outside my comfort zone these days.

He is asking me to say and do things that are uncomfortable for me.

I don’t know if I can do it, but I am praying for the courage to say yes.

Yesterday, the priest said “Jesus, is the coach.  The Holy Spirit is your personal trainer.  The one that pushes you to try harder.  To do more.”

I work with a personal trainer and some days?  I love him. 

And some days?  I can’t stand him.

But when I put on clothes that fit better than they have in years…it is all worth it.

When I wake up with little or no aches and pains, I know it is because I am exercising and taking care of myself.

I know that if I submit to the will of the Lord and
follow the Holy Spirit’s lead,
then I’ll feel better in the long run.
In the meantime, I think I want to throw up!
How about you?  Is the Lord asking you to do something
that makes you uncomfortable?


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