This is today’s quote on a perpetual calendar I have on my desk.  The second line says, “It’s about understanding that each item on our to-do list is part of a goal, a vision. Even when it’s not fun. Or seemingly important…the bigger picture is more important than the tedium, the boredom, the sweat, the tears.”

My to-do list can get overwhelming. So much in fact, that at times I just stop making one.  I figure I will never finish, so why bother.  But, I always go right back to list making, because it is what helps me get through the day.

In the past few months, I have begun adding something to my to-do list that, prior to this time, was reserved for occasional days at home, for vacations and weekends away.  It is called rest.

In relation to the photo above, my list helps keep me focused so that I can have the rest I need.  “…each item on our to-do list is part of a goal, a vision.”

My goal:  rest.

My vision: making regular time to rest.

Rest I schedule.  

Rest I need.

Some call it observing the Sabbath. I believe, after much study, prayer and thought, that observing Sabbath is different for everybody. 
And observing Sabbath does not always occur on the weekend.  I think of Sabbath as a day set-aside for rest.  For me, that is usually Sunday.  For others, it might be Wednesday.  Or it might be 30 minutes, alone with a book and journal on Tuesday night after the kids are in bed.

Shelly Miller hosts the Sabbath Society.  She sends an e-mail on Friday and there are no rules and regulations, just encouragement to make time for rest.

In January, I e-mailed these words to Shelly:

“I have been intrigued by your Sabbath
Society all year.  I have no trouble giving up electronics, housework,
whatever in the pursuit of rest, but I find that Saturday and Sunday is the time
I need to write…at least when I write.  I so want to join in, but I am a
stickler for rules. 🙂  I guess that is both good and bad.”

Her response: 

“I think the best thing about the Sabbath
Society is the freedom within the fences. We are not rule followers as far as
observing rest, we all do it and approach it differently because God is
omnipresent and transcends our needs and schedules. It is a place of
encouragement and support as we walk out what it means to observe Sabbath as he
intends it. As is often the case in God’s upside down Kingdom, the more we give
ourselves away, the more we find out who we are. The more time we give away, the
more time we seem to have for what is needful. You don’t have to have it all
figured out is what I’m trying to say, just take steps of obedience to the
commandment. Does that make sense? Would love to have you join us, there really
isn’t anything that you’ll do differently except find yourself being more
intentional and then benefiting from that.”

Freedom within the fences…I love that phrase.

These days, after my dad dying, traveling so much in March and being completely overwhelmed at times, I find myself looking at my to-do list and saying…”yes, I can get this done because rest is the next thing on my list.”

We live in a world that seems to think rest is over-rated.  I am learning that rest is not so much a gift, but a necessity.

Time to stop.  Time to slow down.  Time to be intentional.  

I work at finding some space and time in my schedule to just simply BE.  I have to plan ahead…thus the list.  Some weeks it doesn’t happen because I don’t plan well.  But when it does, well, it is JUST GLORIOUS.  I have found it worth the planning.  And worth leaving some things undone

For me, Sabbath is a journey.  And I am far far from reaching a destination.  But I am being more intentional.  I am being more forgiving with myself.  I am finding it to be worth the tedium, boredom, sweat and tears referred to in the photo above.

I have been contemplating writing about Sabbath and how I observe it for sometime.  But I have been afraid that I could not convey what is in my heart.  This may be one of my longest, most rambling posts…but I know in my heart that observing Sabbath is crucial to my well-being.

In a recent post I wrote I mentioned Teri Lynne and Refine…at Refine Teri Lynne said, “Rest…what if the gift of rest is what we give, not what we receive?”  and “rest is less about me and more about Him.”

Less about me, more about Him…yes? YES!!

Do you put rest in your schedule?  
Do you call it Sabbath?  

Ir you are interested in finding rest and observing Sabbath, I encourage you to check out Shelly’s Sabbath Society, over at The High Calling they have a series on Sabbath – I especially love this post by Laura Boggess and this post by Deidra is great. And this by Kris Camealy.



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