For those days when you feel like you are being tossed about“I think it is time to batten down the hatches…. Where is my anchor? Better yet, WHAT is my anchor?” I first penned these words in a post in 2009. It was December and very windy. While the weather is calmer and warmer as we approach the summer solstice, there are still times in my soul when I need to “batten down the hatches.”  When things in life happen that threaten to wear me down, threaten to pull me apart and threaten to leave me drowning in a sea of mess.

But I have a choice. I have an anchor. I can do something different.

I do not have to stay wallowing in that mess. I HAVE an anchor. The question I have to ask myself is this, “will you let go of the mess and let the anchor hold you steady? Or are you going to try and stay afloat in the sea of mess all by yourself? On your own, without the anchor to hold you steady?”

It’s been a difficult road the last 2 years. Losing both my parents, my mother-in-law, a serious illness and a job loss, are just a few of the trials that have littered my path.

But I am not alone. I have an anchor. I have a friend and heavenly father.

I can take my troubles to my anchor. I can leave them there. There will still be pain and sorrow and sadness. There will still be difficult days and weeks. There will still be tears. But there is hope. There is peace.

I recently saw this saying on a sign in a shop.

For those days when you feel like you are being tossed about

Still be calm in my heart even in the midst of hard times. In the midst of sad times. In the midst of heart-breaking, strength-sapping, gut-wrenching times…I can be calm.

Because I have a choice.

Because I am not alone.

It is not an easy choice for this type A person that wants to control things. But it is a necessary choice.

Hard times are still out there. But I am going to do my best to not get lost in them.

To not be swallowed up by the tossing waves.  I’m going to do my best to hold to the anchor and leave my troubles with the Lord.

I am reminded of the song The Anchor Holds by Ray Boltz. If you have Amazon Prime, you can listen and download for free with your Prime Membership. If you have trouble seeing the video, click here.

Lord, I am letting go…you are my anchor.

Are you clinging to your anchor today or trying to handle things on your own?


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