The Police sang a song about a message in a bottle.  Nicholas Sparks wrote a novel by the same name.

Did you see this story about the snorkelers in Australia?  Their boat broke anchor and floated away. They were stranded and wrote SOS in the sand on a sandbar and waited hoped to be rescued.  They were.

Sometimes my life feels like I need to send out an SOS.  Or put a message in a bottle and toss it in the sea.  Things seem almost hopeless.

The voices in my head tell me I am not good enough to __________________.

The voices in my head tell me I will never be ______________________.

The voices in my head tell me I am no good at _________________, so why try anyway.  

You can fill in the blank with any number of things the voices say!  If I am not careful, then these voices consume me.  They will dictate my every move.  If I let them.

But I am on a journey to fight back against the voices.  

To tell the voices that I AM good enough.  That I will be.  And that I am good at!

You see, the voices are not my measuring stick.  HE is and because of Him, I am OK.

I am pre-approved. I AM good enough.  I will be.  And I am good at some things!

Last October, I sat in a hotel room with about 10 other women at Allume talking about all kinds of things.  Jennifer Dukes Lee was in that room and because this was a blogging conference, the conversation turned to writing and books.  Jennifer shared about her book that was due out in April.  And she shared what it was about.  That we are pre-approved.  Created in the image of God and we did not need the world’s approval to be something or someone.  We already are.

Yet, as humans we seem to let the voices in our heads and society tell us we need to do more, be more, act this way, say that thing…you know what I mean!

I pre-ordered the book right then and there.  Sitting in that hotel room using the Amazon app on my phone.  It was the first time I’d ever done that!

I am so very glad I did.  The book spoke straight to my heart.  Funny thing is, it did not tell me anything I didn’t already know, deep in my heart and soul.  It just reminded me of things that I had allowed to be buried.  Way down inside.  Pushed down and covered over with the top soil of humanity and the world.

The book released in April and while I had the privilege of being part of the launch team, with my Dad’s passing, it wasn’t able to participate much.  There were many blog posts during the official launch and I am way behind.  But I wanted to share about this book, just in case you haven’t heard about it.

Her book…

If you click the link, it will take you straight to Amazon to order the book.  I encourage you do to so.  I promise it will be worth it!
How about you, do you have voices in your head?
Do you listen to them?
Do you recognize that you are pre-approved in Him?

This book is like a message in a bottle…helping to rescue us 
from ourselves and the voices in our head!

Here is short clip, by Jennifer herself…

And there is more information about the 
Love Idol Movement here, on Jennifer’s blog.

Go. Buy this book!

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