There has been such a fog in my head lately.  Writing anything in this space has been a chore like I have never experienced since starting this blog.
I think the God may be trying to change the focus.

Give me a new direction…but it is not quite clear.  It is still a bit fuzzy.

Yet, I know that not writing, leads to more not writing.  And pretty soon a few days turns into a week…a week into two weeks and so on.  I do not want to abandon this space.  I don’t believe that is what I am supposed to do.
I know I need to write.  So, I have resolved that today, I am going to write.
My friend Denise J. Hughes wrote in her book On Becoming a Writer

To write is to join a conversation.  This is what ever blogger does.  We enter an online party where discussions are in progress.  We lurk.  And when we’re ready, we tap that publish button. We join the conversation.

So rather than continue to sit back and wait for divine inspiration, I am going to join the conversation…again.

If you are a blogger and want to hone your craft, Denise’s book is worth the $4.99 investment.  She teaches writing at a university and her book is written in such a style that it is easy to read and I have truly learned a lot.
I remember the first time I met Denise in real life.  It was at the Allume conference in 2012.  When we met she said she had read my blog and liked it or enjoyed it or something.  I cannot remember her exact words because I was worried that an English and writing teacher had READ. MY. BLOG.  Oh my word!  What grammar errors had I made?
Anyway, writing leads to more writing.  Therefore, since I believe I am called to this space.  Since I believe that I am supposed to write…I am writing.
I am joining the conversation and waiting to see where this road leads…
If you write, what are you doing
with your writing these days?


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