Today, I feel compelled to share are two blog posts that have touched my heart this week.  Not just touched my heart, but pricked my soul.

Posts that made me STOP.  THINK.  PRAY.  And try to CHANGE.

Have you ever heard someone say they don’t DO something. Well, Shelly from Redemptions Beauty doesn’t do church anymore.  I had the opportunity to meet Shelly when I attended Jumping Tandem The Retreat last April.  In Nebraska.  Yes, Nebraska.  One of those glorious fly-over states!  I wrote about the experience here.  I had some sweet time with her and about 8 others in a hotel room at Allume last month.  Shelly is one of those people with a presence.  You know it from the moment you meet her.   Actually, if you read her blog much, then you will know she has a presence without ever meeting her in person. Check out why she can’t DO church anymore…it will be worth your time.

I also met Jennifer at Jumping Tandem.  She was one of the 8 women in the hotel room at Allume, too.  Jennifer is a former newspaper reporter turned farm wife.  She lives in a fly-over state and I just. love. her.  She is such a lovely person to be around.  She radiates Jesus.  And she dreams BIG dreams.  Check this out.  Most likely you will not complain about having to clean your ceramic tile, hardwood or linoleum floors again!

I don’t have a big dream.  And I don’t write compelling posts about not doing church.  But I feel the presence of the Lord in my life.  I know that whatever he has for me is good. 

The road might be long. 

It might be dark at times. 

It might be will be twisty and hard.  But it will be the road designed for me.  I have to have the courage to walk my road.  With him holding my hand.

Lord, bless the women that read this blog today.  Be especially with those that are on my heart this morning.  You know their needs and their hearts.

Have a wonderful day…the fog will eventually lift from our eyes and we will see a glorious sunrise….

I took this picture, but I cannot watermark it today…the joys of computers!

Will you stop DOING church and start BEING church?  That is what I am trying to do.
And please, please consider buying a piece of jewelry before Friday, November 29.


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