This was one of the views as I drove up the mountain. When I reached my destination,
I sat quietly in my car by the side of the road.  Waiting.  I was picking John after he had completed a 62 mile bike ride that included at 7100 foot climb. (He is training to bike Pike’s Peak in September.)

As I sat there playing Candy Crush on my iPad I couldn’t help but listen to the quiet.  The only sound I heard was the birds.

The sky was blue. 

The leaves bright spring green.

The sun was shining. 

There was no one around expect me.

Occasionally a light fog would roll thru, then it would pass and the sun would be shining again. 

I waited for 15-20 minutes.  One car and three motorcycles went by. 

On the drive up the mountain it had been exceptionally foggy.  At times, this was all I could see.

As I sat waiting, it seemed strange.  Sometimes, things were perfectly clear.  At other times, not so much.

I was reminded of the times in my life that things were not so crystal clear.  What good could possibly come out of such foggy times?

Like the time we had a garage fire and burned up our cars and everything in the garage. (It was attached to the house.)  Thankfully, the house didn’t burn down.

Like the time when Amy died.

Times that seemed so dark.  So distant from Him.  Times that made it seem like there was nothing that could redeem the bad.

I pray for those in Oklahoma today.  I think they may feel this way.  That there is no good that can come out of it.  And it is OK to feel that way.

But when you can’t see his hand, trust his heart.

I’m joining Jennifer today


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