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I have been thinking about the call of the disciples recently.  I thought about how they were changed and that Jesus can change you and me.  

And I wondered about why they were chosen.  And why I was chosen.

I cannot seem to shake to story of the disciples, their call, why they made the choices they did.

I wonder if it was one of those “you just know” times.  Do you know what I mean by that?

Sometimes, when asked how you know something, the answer is “you just know.”  

At mass on Sunday the priest said when he was considering the priesthood he asked his dad how he knew that his mom was the “right” one.  The dad answered, “I just knew.”  

Not a very helpful answer to the young man trying to discern his future.

Several years later while in seminary and sure he was making the right decision, the priest said the answer made sense.  He just knew the priesthood was the right place for him.

I wonder, did the disciples “just know” that following this man was the right thing to do?  Maybe they did.

I don’t know the answer to this question.

But I know that by following His lead, things will be OK…I know.  I just know.

Even if things are not going well, if I am following the Lord, then I know things will be OK.  I just know they will be.

Things are going to work out…maybe not like I want them to.  

Maybe not like I think they should.

Maybe not in a comfortable way.

But they will work out.

How do I know this?

I just know. 

And that is really all that I need to know.

There have been specific time in my life when I just knew.  Experiences that have changed me.  I hope to have the courage to share those with you this year.

How about you?  Are there times in your life when you just know?  Or just knew?

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