See the steps in this photograph?  I took this picture from the car while sitting at a stoplight in Pittsburgh more than a year ago.  I don’t know if the steps lead to another sidewalk or directly to a house.

To find out exactly where they go I would have had to get out of the car and walk up the steps.

I would have had to put one foot in front of the other and take one step at a time.

I would have had to venture into the unknown because I don’t know exactly what is at the top of the steps.

Unlike these steps that lead directly to the door.  Without question, if I were to walk up these steps I would reach the door at the end.

 Life’s journey is not always down a clear path.  There are bumps and turns and I don’t see the way as clearly as I would like to sometimes.  But I must continue walking down the road.  

I can’t just stop and sit. Waiting until I can see the end result.

As I enter this new year I recognize that I am on a journey.  And this journey may lead me into places that I don’t really want to go, but it may also lead me to places that I am excited to visit.

I am reminded of the wise men who journeyed to see Jesus.  They were told to follow the star and they did. It wasn’t a short trip. Yet, they continued on. 

Last Sunday, we celebrated The Epiphany.  The priest said the wise men were on “a journey of hope.”  

That is how I want to view my journey…as one of hope.

So, I enter the new year focusing on the hope.  

The hope I have in Jesus.

The hope I have in being his child.

The hope that will sustain me as I travel an unknown path.

Where is your hope?



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