I need to focus my attention on following Jesus…
This photo is of today’s quote from a perpetual calendar I have on my desk.  It is from DaySpring (not an affiliate link) and I got it in my swag bag from one of the Allume Conferences or the Jumping Tandem Retreat…doesn’t matter where I got it, but the words matter a great deal.
I need to focus my attention on following Jesus…
Yesterday, I wrote that I am clinging to a promise.  And I am trying to follow Jesus, but in this particular case, it is hard. 
But he never said it would be easy.  So I have to trust him.
I listened to a podcast last night by Kat Lee.  I cannot direct you to the specific podcast because I listened to several and I can’t remember if it was from her blog Inspired to Action or How They Blog.  But she talked about being focused and having a plan with your Bible study, with your day, with your blogging, with your exercise…just a plan.
So, I was giving thought to my Bible study and how I might improve my quiet time.  It needs some serious improvement.
I was looking thorough some ideas on my YouVersion Bible App and saw one that said Confidence.  It spoke to me.
I need confidence to share what the Lord is asking me to share in this space.
I need to focus my attention on following Jesus…
The first scripture in this study was from Joshua.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your
God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9

He isn’t ASKING Joshua not to be afraid or discouraged.  He COMMANDED him.
If he is asking me to do something, then he will be there.  Just as he was with Joshua when he led the children of Israel into the Promised Land.
I need to focus my attention on following Jesus.  Following him without being afraid.
This will not be easy.  The devil will try to get in my head and tell me my words don’t matter.  No one wants to read my story.
Crystal Stine has a great post about this…when you wonder if it’s worth the effort.
So, I am treading lightly.  I am walking out on the water with my eyes on Jesus.  He will get me through this time of rough waters. 
But it will take courage and I am sure that I don’t have enough of that…but I know he does.
Is he asking you to do something hard? 
Something you don’t want to do? 
How are you answering him?
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