Five Minute FridayIt is Friday…so you know what that means.  I am joining Lisa-Jo and hundreds of other writers and I pen words for 5 minutes.  No editing, no back tracking…just writing.  You can read the complete details and guidelines here.


I took this picture last May on a trip across southern Florida.  The sign (not in the picture) said “Considered to be the smallest Post Office in the United States.”  The wording on the sign continued with how it serves three counties, how it used to be an irrigation shed for a tomato farm.

It had a history and it was useful.  But it is very small.  Note the size of the mail container compared to the building!

This morning I think about all of our blogs that we link up with Lisa-Jo on Fridays and the many other places we link up.  We are small, seemingly insignificant blogs…yet many of us are blogging because we feel called to do so.

Small may be what the Lord intends for us.  And if we – you or me – reach one person for the Lord, then that should be enough.

Yet, it is so easy to compare my blog to yours or hers and be discouraged.  Easy to compare my commenters to hers or to yours and I fall WAAAYYYY short.

But size doesn’t matter in the blog world…at least not to me.  Not anymore.  I have to write because He is asking me to…no, he is TELLING me to write.  And when I don’t write, I somehow fall short of his will for my life. 

So, small though I may be…I am grateful for this space on Friday mornings that encourages me to drop everything and write…without reserve for 5 short minutes.


 Do you care about the size of your blog?
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 


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