Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.
Psalm 126:5

You may want to read all of Psalm 126…it isn’t that long, only 6 verses.  This thought came to me after reading Dianne’s blog this morning.  On her sidebar she has her blessings list.  I decided to start at the bottom (the beginning) and read her blessings.  Numbers 55 and 56 she is thankful “for tears-joyful tears, cleansing tears, tears of remembrance, tears of forgetfulness, tears of mercy received, tears of love returned”…then number 56 “so thankful that God notices each one and is collecting them in a bottle.”

Oh, the tears I have cried over the years…in a hospital bed at the age of almost 12, knowing I could die and asking my Dad if I was going to die.   He told me “I don’t know.”  I remember crying.  More tears…years later being in an abusive marriage, knowing I needed to get out, yet knowing that getting a divorce would be looked upon very badly in some circles…my parents welcomed me back with open arms.  A few years later, finding a Godly man that would become my husband and father to my children…we’ve now been married 28 years next month.  Tears of joy when my first child, a son, was born, tears of sadness when I lost my second child, a boy, in a second trimester miscarriage, tears of joy when Amy was born, tears of fear when she was taken from the hospital where I was to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, tears of sadness when I knew that death was on her horizon.  Tears of anguish when she died in my arms, tears of grief when we buried her…smiling through those tears years later when I realized that I would rather have had her for a short time than not at all.  Tears when Andy graduated high school.  Tears when he left for college.  Tears when he came home. (repeat this section two more times *BIG GRIN*)  Tears when he made a big decision with which I disagreed.  Tears when he learned from that decision.  Tears as I watch my parents get older.  Tears as I realize they may not be here much longer.  Tears as I deal with trying not to distance myself as an insulator against pain and sadness.   Jesus wept at the death of his friend, Lazarus. 
Not all tears are sad…I cry when I get a hug from special young ladies named K, A, M and E…tears when I see a beautiful sunset…tears when I read blogs about how the Lord is working in the lives of the writers of these blogs.  Tears of laughter, tears of frustration, tears of joy, tears of sadness…they all start by filling our eyes and overflowing…spilling down our cheeks…streaking make-up and smearing mascara…and I don’t care.  Tears…the cleansing waters of the soul. 
Lord, thank you for the gift of tears.  Thank you for dying on the cross, for the tears your Mother shed as she watched you die…for the pain and suffering you endured for us your children…thank you for Dianne’s blog Lord and all she means to me.
I had the chance to meet Dianne last fall…a wonderful Christian woman I am proud to call my friend.  She takes beautiful pictures and has a postings series called weekend worship.  May God bless you and your family, Dianne!
If you shed tears today, may they be cleansing to your soul.
Happy Birthday to a special friend…Dave Kennedy.


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