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Five Minute Friday

Today’s prompt:  CHANGE


My first thought with this prompt was about the biggest life changes I have had.  And how many of them have come in the last 5 years.

The BIGGEST life change was certainly asking the Lord into my heart.  Another one was getting married, then having my first child, then losing another, getting pregnant again and losing still another child…this one after she lived for four days.

BIG changes?  Certainly.  Life-changing Changes without a doubt!  

Still…as I reflect on this word I realize that another BIG change came through this world of blogging.  And journaling.

Changes in the form or more quiet time.  More focused relationship with him.

This type of change helps me to deal with the other changes.  Remembering Amy 20 years later.  I cried when I read Lisa-Jo’s post about her Mom dying 20 years ago. I realized while I was grieving the loss of my daughter, Lisa-Jo was grieving the loss of her Mom.

One not worse than the other…only different.  

A change neither of us asked for, but both of us were forced to deal with.

Change…what a word.  Good.  Bad.  Different.  Beautiful.  Ugly.  Normal. Odd.  All at the same time…all at once…all the time in my crazy…


mixed up life.

What are your biggest life changes?

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