I still find myself thinking about taming my tongue!  Wendy reminded me about James 3.  Taming the tongue is a BIG job…one that I will have to work on continually.  But, as with any behavior change, it will take time, there will be set-backs and I must make a conscience effort. 
I spent 16 years working for a nationally known weight loss company.  I lost 25 pounds almost 25 years ago and one thing I used to tell my members was this…change takes time, change takes effort.  Change is hard, if it were easy, then it wouldn’t be called change! 
So, as I strive to change the way my tongue so quickly gets me into trouble, I will have to recognize that it will take time, it will take effort and it will be hard.  BUT…the eventual result will be worth the effort.
I am going to continue working on this change in my life, what are you working to change?
Do you remember when I shared this?  The “feel good” story out of St. Louis?  Well, that coach and the young man will be on the Today Show on NBC tomorrow morning. 
Have a blessed day…


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