Where is it?  Have you seen it?  I think it is over there.  No, wait…it is over there, to your left.  No, it is behind you…wait, it is in front of you…and over there…it is EVERYWHEREIt is the hand of God…I thought of this the last time we were in one of the National Parks…evidence of God’s beauty is present everywhere in our lives.  I was on an 8 mile walk through Cades Cove, I had never been to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in September.  I have always gone in the spring…late summer was different, but still beautiful in it’s own way.  (For the record…I have spelled Smoky correctly in this case…check out the link.  I am a relatively good speller and I always think people must think I misspell that word!  Check out the link.)  There were fewer animals than in the spring, thing were not as green as a springtime visit, but the majesty of the mountains, the majesty of CREATION was not lost…God’s handiwork was very evident.  I was reminded that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so it wasn’t a green as the spring, it was still beautiful.  Then today, I read Ann’s post.  You might want to read it too.  It forced me to think…where do I see beauty in my daily life?  Where do I see beauty in the everyday, mundane, run-of-the-mill STUFF.  Am I filling my vases with life or waiting for life to happen, so I can fill my vases.  I am working on it…while working I add to my list…
286. a precious phone call.
287. a neighbor that went to church with us.
288. fantastic behavior from 4 little girls in church for what may have been the first time.
289. some house cleaning accomplished.
290. an attitude that needs examined after reading Ann’s post.
291. PRECIOUS moments spent in quiet time with the Lord.
292. special visitors to my blog.
293. prayers spoken to quiet my fears.
294. opportunities to minister to others.
295. opportunities to share my faith.
296. the family that sat behind us in church yesterday.
297. leaves turning colors.
298. several nights of peaceful sleep.
299. changing seasons.
300. a showing on the neighbor’s house and the people really liked it.

I have joined the gratitude community at Ann’s place.  Check it out, read some of the other gratitude lists.  It will bless your heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to pray for my neighbor, husband has already moved to take new job, she is here with 4 little girls…that is who went to church with us, someone really likes their house…I am just praying that the Lord gives them the necessary patience and that maybe, someone will make an offer on their house.  Thanks for your prayers.

Thanks, too, for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day…

Peace and blessings…


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