Yesterday, I reflected on the “intimate miracles” that we experience in our lives that don’t appear to be miracles at the time.  Because it was a repost, it did not appear as a new post on the sidebars of some your blogs.  If you care, you might want to read it before continuing…or not. 🙂

As I continued to think yesterday about the intimate miracles in my life, the time surrounding Amy’s death came to mind.  I still remember the day my husband, John, and I were praying together and he thanked the Lord for the situation.  I immediately went from being in a prayerful mood to a not so prayerful mood!  When we finished I asked him just what WAS. HE. THINKING.  He replied, “The Bible tells us to give thanks for all things.”

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
I Thessalonians 5:16-18
OK……it took me a bit longer, but eventually I WAS able to pray and say thank you.  Thank you for the short time we had her.  Thank you for the opportunity to be her mother.  Thank you for choosing me to be the instrument you chose to bring her into this world.  Thank you for the hundreds of people that saw YOU because of an infant child that just lived a few days.  19 years later, I can see how the whole experience changed me…molded me…made me WHO. I. AM.  It is part of my life experience.  I wouldn’t be ME without the experience.  This is one of my intimate miracles.  John says it was a time he felt like he was being “held in God’s hand.” 
It is times like this when the sky of our life is cloudy and in the distance, things are hazy.
Moving on…when my son, Andy made his big decision to quit school and move 3000+ miles away from home, I was devastated.  How could he give up yet another opportunity?  During this time, John kept saying, “I can see God’s hand in the situation.  We are just going to have to trust Him.”  Oh, please…AGAIN!?!  Yes, again!  Fast forward 11 months…Andy jokes he has a PhD from the school of hard knocks, but he learned much in his 11 months away.  He returned home a different person.  He listens to different music.  He engages in different activities.  He is a NEW CREATURE, one I enjoy being around, having in my home and spending time with.  This adventure (that is what I call it) is part of his life experience.  Andy wouldn’t be Andy without this experience.  This is an intimate miracle for Andy and me!
God take the ugliest, messiest stuff and changes it for HIS honor and glory.  Eventually – maybe not in this life – but eventually, we see things in a clearer light…above the clouds so to speak.
We all experience intimate miracles in our lives…have you thought about yours? 

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