God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1
I do not have an update on Katie, but will try to get one this weekend.   As for Jonathan, the diagnosis appears to be what they thought and it will be a miracle if it is something curable, such as botulism. 
Jonathan’s story has brought up many emotions that I typically keep buried, deep inside my heart.  I remember sitting in the conference room having doctors explain what was wrong with Amy, what our options were and why, if we should choose to get pregnant again (like that is a CHOICE for some of us, like we just DECIDE, “oh, I think I will get pregnant this month!”)  If you don’t know my story, you can read a brief version here.  So, it is painful for me to be reminded of that time in my life almost 18 years ago, but at the same time…if my choice was to have her for a short while or not at all…I would choose a short while.  I feel certain that Jonathan’s family will feel the same way, but I am sure their emotions are so raw right now that I do not want to think about the heartache they are experiencing.  No one ever said parenting would be easy…but does it have to be soooo hard?
In today’s gospel from Luke 2, Joseph and Mary had gone back to Jerusalem for Passover and when they left they discovered, after travelling for a day, that Jesus wasn’t with them, they went back to Jerusalem and he was in the temple.  Remember how Joseph and Mary asked him why he did that to them?  I find it comforting that Jesus, in this small way, was a typical adolescent.  I believe he did not give a thought to the fact that Joseph and Mary would be worried.  He was doing what he thought he was supposed to do and I am sure it WAS what he was supposed to do, but he couldn’t call? 🙂  Paul Pennick wrote in today’s reflection in Living Faith, “this passage prepares parents for a time when our children will make decisions, do things and act in ways we won’t fully comprehend – or agree with.”  I don’t know about you and your children, I am sure some of you that read this have younger children…but those of us with older children are having to learn this lesson over and over…at least I am having to learn it over and over.  Older children make decisions, the parent shakes their head and wonders “WHAT are they thinking?!?!?”  Hopefully, no long term harm is done and the child learns from the mistake!
So…as I end this week’s posts, you are probably thinking…”she is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.”  And I am.  I am struggling to think clearly and form thoughts to put on paper…yesterday, I gave up.  But, today, I share what is in my heart and on my mind.  Please continue to pray for Jonathan and Katie.
Lord, I need to feel your strength today.  I need to feel you as that ever present help you promised in Psalm 46:1.  I have some uncomfortable feelings I am wrestling with and I know that you can calm the seas of my heart and mind, please do so.  Be with Katie and Jonathan’s families, Lord.  Please comfort them and give them strength.  Thank you for the beautiful weather and the many blessing you have given me.  Please help me as I try to discern you will for my life.
Are you still there?  Will you ever come back?  Thank you for bearing with me this week.
Wendy has a REALLY good thought on Wednesday, March 17th…you should check it out!
Peace and Blessings……


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