Don’t tell God how big your mountains are, 
tell your mountains how big your God is.

I heard this as I was listening to the radio in my car the other day.  I thought, hmm…that’s an interesting perspective.  But I don’t usually do that.  Tell the mountains how big my God is, I mean.  No, I’m the girl that tells God I’ve got these problems and I need him to take care of them.  
My prayers usually go something like this, “Lord, please forgive me for the times I’ve failed you.  Thank you for your son and the many gifts you have given me in this life.  Now, Lord, I have this issue (I spell out MY needs or issues) and I sure would like for you to take care it.  And this is what I’d like you to do.”  Then I proceed to tell God what I want done.
Who do I think I am?  

I recently read this quote attributed to Oswald Chambers

We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties. 

When my focus is on something other than Him, things are cloudy and distorted.  It is hard to see things clearly.
But when I keep my focus on God, when I stop telling him WHAT to do and ask him to LEAD me, my perspective changes.  Things are clearer.

Lord, I am trying to get there.  Trying to reach the place where I don’t tell you how big my mountains are, but tell my mountains how big you are!  How I know you can handle every problem that comes my way.

In an effort to succeed at this and I am going to start counting my gifts publicly again.  I got away from this a year or so ago.  I seemed to be distracted by just writing something down…I was MISSING THE GIFTS in an effort to make a list.

Picking up where I left off…

632. new adventures.
633. son back safely from his vacation.
624. employment.  
625. blogging friends that encourage me.
626. fun thrift finds.
627. new car.
628. husband that cooks.
629. special friends.
630. blessings that come to me in surprising ways.
631. special e-mails.
632. beautiful sunsets.

633. rain.
634. marking things off my to do list.
635. Ann Taylor sale. 
636. words.

Do you count your gifts?  Does it change your perspective?  I know it changes mine.

How about telling God what to do…do you do that?  Or am I the only person that tries to tell him what to do?

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